I want to look, move, and feel better.

Train in a group setting that emphasises proper exercise selection for adults, conducted with outstanding coaching. Simply put, our program is designed to help you look, move, and feel better and become healthier than you ever have in your life.

Our Adult program is the most advanced functional training system available and includes focus on soft tissue quality and flexibility, increasing upper and lower body power, building full body strength and enhancing cardiovascular fitness. Every 60-minute training session consists of the following five phases which are described below:

√ Prime
√ Prep
√ Power
√ Strength
√ Burn

This is the first step in every workout.

Its purpose is to prepare both your body and mind for your workout. Prime gives you a quick moment to de-stress, unwind, and socialise with the group and coach.

The focus is on

• reducing the density of restrictive tissue (foam roll)
• increasing flexibility (stretch)
• learning to control certain muscles (activate)

The next step in the workout is Prep, which is your warm up.

While stimulating your central nervous system and getting your blood flow is certainly part of the plan, your program will also target certain less-than-perfect movement patterns and implement a re-conditioning strategy in a fun way.

You need power to improve your performance, whether you’re an Olympic athlete or just an average person trying to keep up with your kids.

Increasing power through safe and responsible exercises is the name of the game. Clients tell us that this portion of the workout is often both the most challenging and the most fun.

Our strength phase focuses on four key strength movements: pushing, pulling, lower body, and core.

Your program will be customised for your capability level. This approach will allow you to look, feel, and perform better.

To incinerate stubborn belly fat, the cardio portion of your workout will be fast but intense.

Our Burn section will melt fat in a short period of time while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

√ The most advanced functional training system available
√ Small group setting
√ 60-minute workout with a team that can hold you accountable
√ Intense but safe
√ Progressive based training
√ Modifications to accommodate any fitness level or history of injury

Get fit in an environment that is intense, progressive and most importantly safe. Contact Athletic Performance for a free workout. If you would like to form your own group, let us know.

There isn’t a typical Athletic Performance member. Our members are different, by age, physical ability and fitness goals but the one thing they have in common is all members come for one purpose: to better themselves. Advance your fitness level. Fit into a community. Find a class that fits YOU.